A Hundred Pitchers of Honey is an online reading series that launched in January of 2022. As our second successful year comes to a close, the format of the series will change slightly in 2024. Readings will be quarterly, and in between those readings, HPH will feature interviews, workshops, and other poetry-related activities online.

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2023 Readings

January - The Long Devotion - An Anthology Reading

February - Subhaga Crystal Bacon, Matt Guenette, Nicole Callihan

March - Let Me Say This: A Dolly Parton Anthology Reading

April - Michael Garrigan, Jared Beloff, Tara Betts

May - Courtney LeBlanc, Yael Aldana, Nancy Stohlman

June - Jennifer Martelli, Lennart Lundt, Amanda Galvin Huynh

July - Elisheva Fox, Ana Laura Reeve, Joey Gould

August - Roberto Carlos Garcia, Kelly Weber, Adrian Dallas Frandle

September - Dan Brady, Daniel Romo, Katharine Whitcomb

October - V. Ruiz, Dayna Patterson, Elizabeth Sylvia

November - Matthew Thorburn, Stevie Edwards, L.J. Sysko

December - Katie Manning, Jordi Alonso, Adriana Benson, Phil Memmers

2022 Readings

January: John McCarthy, Darren C. Demaree, Rachel Bunting

February: Han VanDerhart, R.A. Villanueva, Sara Moore Wagner

March: Amorak Huey, Taylor Byas, Ines Pujos

April: Marie Gauthier, Kimberley Ann Priest, Jessica Cuello

May: Sally Rosen Kindred, Sadie Shorr-Parks, Tommy Dean

June: Dustin Brookshire, Alison Pelegrin, Stacey Balkun

July: Fox Henry Frazier, Ann Hudson, Steven Sanchez, Katie Manning

August: Shelley Wong, Joan Kwon Glass, Farnaz Fatemi

September: Shannon Wolf, Em Capettini, Jessica L. Walsh

October: Mackenzie Berry, William James, Jason B. Crawford

November: John Compton, Suzanne Frischkorn, Matthew E. Henry

December: Margo Berdeshevsky, V. Ruiz, Anna Ross